Wednesday, December 10

Endorsement Serious Game Industry


“Music is an important, and often underestimated, aspect of serious gaming. Music can help the player get into the right ‘learning mode’ by setting up and then manipulating expectations.
(‘This is your brain on music. The science of a human obsession” by Daniel Levitin)

Tribe of Noise offers serious game developers a great opportunity to find the right music for the right ‘learning mode’ through searching not only by genre or style but also by bitrate and feeling (happy, angry, sad etc.). A great initiative to stimulate co-creation.

Joke Witteveen – serious games producer

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Thursday, November 13

Tribe of Noise, Announces One Billion Fans Contest to Musicians and the Masses

AMSTERDAM, November 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Economic downturns always affect marketing budgets from major corporations to street corner musicians. Money troubles tend to bring out fear but not so for the people at Tribe ofNoise. They have just announced their One Billion Fans Contest. ONE BILLION FANS! Is that even possible, you may ask? "Go out big or just stay home," says Chief of Noise, Hessel van Oorschot.

Here's the deal - Fans go to and vote for their favorite. The winner will be featured on the world's biggest digital billboard found in Times Square in New York City. Now that's exposure! The public voting contest ends on February 28th, 2009.

"Getting attention is getting money," said Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, and Author of "Music 2.0". He is right. In an ever increasingly crowded consumer space, companies are seeking new ways to compete with smaller and smaller budgets. A new sound can help them create a stand-out corporate identity but they need to find it safely and not feel threatened by legal action or forced to pay steep finders fees.

Tribe of Noise has legally tackled the historic problem of sharing music. It is the first and only website solely using the Creative Commons license and user agreements to share music for commercial purposes. But wait, Musicians and Corporations, isn't that counterintuitive? "Nowadays it's about really making it all happen yourself," said Gary Platt, winner of RIAA Gold & Platinum Record Awards.

Corporations are also invited to join in the fun and excitement. They can "sponsor" their current employees, friends, family or favorite musician from their own "street corner" in the online contest.

"Wait 'til you see the One Billion Fans winner up in lights over one of the busiest places in the world", Mr. van Oorschot.

For additional information on the One Billion Fans contest, please contact Sandra Brandenburg or visit or

ABOUT Tribe of Noise - One-of-a-kind online community which allows Independent Musicians to connect with Companies maximizing their message, building a global fan base, finding inspiration to/from musicians and enabling fans to find groundbreaking music, all legally. and

Saturday, October 11

Getting attention

If everyone can start a website, write a blog and upload music, HOW DO I GET ATTENTION!? The answer is simple, TEAM UP and make some NOISE!

What happened last month when all you where making music out there?

Tribe of Noise is spreading the word about you guys!
We showcase your music at important venues like the PICNIC festival in Amsterdam. We entered the BT Digital Music Awards and are nominated in the category 'Best Official Music Site Top 100' together with Coldplay, Keane, Annie Lennox and Natasha Bedingfield. We congratulate Coldplay with winning the award!

Sharing music with Tribe members around the world is a positive story that everyone wants to hear. Well respected journalists are writing great articles about the Tribe and you.

In the meantime we are meeting more and more enthusiastic people around the globe who can PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC. Together we open doors and find new ways to share & distribute your music. And we don't stick to the old fashioned CD. We are teaming up with smart people who can get your music on mobile phones, enable people to chat about your music on TV and embed your music in online videos and games.

Sharing music, getting attention, TOGETHER we make it happen!

To make more Noise we will organize a worldwide contest and get you, your friends, family, colleagues, companies and everyone else out there involved.

So stay tuned, join the Tribe and spread the word. Later this month we'll tell you how you can get worldwide attention, win great prices and in the process meet great people interested in YOU and YOUR MUSIC.

Let's make some NOISE!

Monday, September 8

Tribe of Noise; the story

"Sharing music for free with your fans is rapidly growing in popularity. The next step is connecting musicians, fans and  professionals. Tribe of Noise is a great example of opening the market for lawfully sharing music and creativity even for commercial purposes."

Paul Keller
Creative Commons NL

Interested to know how Tribe of Noise is helping musicians to connect with each other and with professionals around the globe (searching for their music)? We will be presenting our online community for musicians, fans and professionals at the following venues:

In the meantime, don't forget to vote for us!

Thursday, August 28

Game Industry Endorsements

The game industry is starting to discover our Tribe of Noise initiative.

Some feedback:

Game Entertainment Europe (
"Very nice initiative! It is a great idea to create a Creative Commons 3.0 community which actually connects to all social network communities like MySpace and Facebook. For our games I will scout the footage and I hope to get one of the artist in our game titles. Good luck with it and let it be the biggest of it's kind on the internet."

GameWise Serious Games
Tribe of Noise is a very appealing internet concept with high potential. An innovative way of music distribution. Game developers like us are always in need of new and exciting music and audio. Now we can stimulate musicians all over the world to make themselves heard. Together we create a new music platform. May the Tribe of Noise rise!

Paladin Studios (
Independent noise is beautiful noise. With this initiative, opportunities arise for creatives to connect with independent studios and share their work. This concept has the potential to enrich creative projects all over the world. Already I have heard some excellent music, so Paladin will definitely scout for artists at Tribe of Noise.

Codeglue (
Creative games need creative music and I think Tribe of Noise is the perfect social network tool to find such music and scout talented new music composers. I've already spotted some really talented people within the Tribe and I think together with them we can create some new original videogames.

Butterfly Works (
Tribe of Noise is a great initiative. Butterfly Works hopes there will be music available from all over the world. It would give us the chance to give the local e-content from e.g. Nigeria, South Africa or Indonesia a boost by adding music. 

Wednesday, August 20

Sprout Challenge 2008

Together with a lot of great new (internet) startups Tribe of Noise is participating in the Sprout Challenger 2008 competition. Our first goal is getting in the top 10.

Getting in the top 10 means lots of exposure for our community and Tribe members.

The organisation asks every participant to pick up a challenge. Our challenge is to be a better alternative for musicians, fans and professionals than MySpace Music!

You can HELP getting us into the finals: VOTE!


Friday, June 20

Crumpy Kiss

Gene Simmons (Kiss) blames fans, P2P for killing music industry

I received this article from Tycho (thanks). Now if you wondered who’s to blame for decreased music (ie CD) sales the answer might surprise you:


Well at least according to Gene Simmons.

They have this excellent BBC program Crumpy Old Men. I think they should invite him for the next series.

But I’m afraid it will be artists like Radiohead who will stick his tongue out in the coming years.

Or our artist of the week Liquid! Check out his song with our COOL widget and feel free to share...

Let's make some Noise!

Wednesday, June 18

Choice is a difficult message.

At Tribe of Noise we’re struggling with the issue of communicating the multiple choices artists have when selecting a Creative Commons license instead of the traditional ©.

There are millions of people who do not care about the whole copyright thing and as a result YouTube flourishes.

But we want to be transparent from the start; it’s a matter of respect towards the musicians who make or have made the choice to publish their work via the traditional music licenses. We don’t want to infringe their rights. We don’t want to lure them in a CC license. We want creative minds to make a conscious choice.

All music at Tribe of Noise if uploaded under a CC by –share alike license. And by mentioning it’s a different option, all those who never seem to care are suddenly stirred. Bands who stuffed their websites with music are starting to smell the coffee when confronted with a choice. When you have more choices, the messages becomes more complicated.

Lazy as we are, I sometimes wonder if we really want to have choices. Choices equals problems. I had dinner in a great restaurant recently. Minimum choice on the menu and because of the limited supplies needed, the food was of the highest quality ingredients at a more then reasonable price. You get in this sit-back-and-surprise-me-mood. And you’ll never feel you made the wrong choice, cross eying at the plate across the table. If you don’t like what’s on your plate you can blame the Chef!

So choice = responsibility = problem

Wednesday, June 11

Mr. Virgin Media, is this a hoax?

For all who don’t know what we’re working on: Tribe of Noise is trying to connect musicians, fans and professionals who are looking for an alternative model for free and legal music sharing.

While we’re working to make music more accessible, more available and to connect with reality so we can create a win-win model for all. There are those who take the repressive approach.

Check out this breaking news that shocked me to bits.

From next week, Virgin Media will send letters to thousands of households where music is either being downloaded or illegally shared.

According to the Independent Their letters will be accompanied by a stern written warning from the BPI, which will threaten both disconnection and a court appearance for those who continue to download illegally.

I just can’t believe it! Virgin Media and the British Phonographic Industry want to create a 3 strikes and out rule.

Anybody ever read the Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes? Well I think Britain will be in need of a new prisoner colony to relief the overcrowded prisons if they really want to follow this path.

And how on earth are they going to check if the downloaded material is legal or not. Will they breach privacy even further by actually listening to what you have downloaded? How else would you like to differentiate between illegal downloaded material and material that is legally distributed by using creative commons licenses, like on our platform.

We’ve discussed it at length with our legal team and decided it must be a hoax. We just can’t believe that Virgin Media will so flagrantly temper with the privacy of it’s customers.

History of Tribe

Once upon a time there was this girl who loved her prince, her beautiful hometown Amsterdam and travelling the African continent. During one of their travels, she and her prince captured images of their safari with a magical machine. To compliment their images they looked for some (free&legal) passionate safari music they could download and edit.

They searched WorldWide and came up with nothing! It was either cartoonish stocked up music or they had to pay.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a musical safe haven. Where the music is free to share without too much legal hassle. Where creative minds can compliment each other. where new audiences will be able to find you and where musicians can be introduced to potential career movers”, the girl whispered to her prince.

The prince was moved by this lovely idea and suggested it to his bard. The bard’s reaction was; “What’s in it for me? I have to feed my wife and twelve children!”

“Well”, the prince explained economically, “the music world is changing, the sales of magical silver disks are decreasing. You need specific assignments, performances and merchandise to be able to buy your wife a goose to cook for Christmas. If we create a domain with a good music search elves so people can find the music they like, a domain where you can meet new fans, a domain where I will invite the people with golden coins to interact with you, you might have a chance. And all you have to do is exhibit a couple of songs that represent you for free. I’m convinced you’ll have a better chance to succeed and make your dreams come true.”

“You’ll just have to be brave, the first steps to honour and fame are always the most difficult", the prince said. “Of course I can’t promises you fortune but I can offer you a better chance to fortune. And even if you’ll not become famous around the globe. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gift if loads of people will crown you with laurels.”

“Hmm, just one or two songs then,” the bard replied.“One or two songs is all we’re asking,” the prince replied. “We’ll do the rest!”

So the prince and the girl went out into the world and found themselves a techno Samurai in Japan, a magic realistic artist in Philly, golden ears in Doetinchem, 2 legal masters and their apprentices in Haarlem and a wise man from the wild Wild West. Together they shaped their domain and they called the inhabitants: the Tribe of Noise. ...