Friday, June 12

Musicians challenged by game industry

Music community Tribe of Noise launches the first Music in Game Contest targeting musicians in search for more exposure and new revenue models. Game developer Kalydo challenges the participants: your music in our successful video game? Let's play!

The development of video games is a labor intensive and creative process. Besides the technology and cool design game developers acknowledge the increasing role of music in games. But, in the real world, how many game developers join forces with composers and musicians to create the best game ever?

“Let's practice what we preach and use web 2.0 and online collaboration tools to make this work”, says Chris van der Linden, Creative Director at Kalydo.”By launching the Music in Game Contest we challenge musicians to send us their best music for one of our most successful games, Konstrukt Invasion.”

Winning the contest is a powerful introduction to the fast growing music industry. On top of all the exposure generated by Tribe of Noise and Kalydo media partners the winner will also be credited in the video game, Konstrukt Invasion.

“The first step to a successful music career starts with showing who you are and what you're capable of”, adds Hessel van Oorschot, co-founder of Tribe of Noise.”As a musician you can be the most talented person on this planet, if nobody knows about you nothing will happen.”

The Music in Game Contest, the successor of the One Billion Fans Contest organized earlier this year, offers musicians and companies an online community to connect and collaborate on commercial productions and campaigns. The next step in a creative and 2.0 world.