Wednesday, June 18

Choice is a difficult message.

At Tribe of Noise we’re struggling with the issue of communicating the multiple choices artists have when selecting a Creative Commons license instead of the traditional ©.

There are millions of people who do not care about the whole copyright thing and as a result YouTube flourishes.

But we want to be transparent from the start; it’s a matter of respect towards the musicians who make or have made the choice to publish their work via the traditional music licenses. We don’t want to infringe their rights. We don’t want to lure them in a CC license. We want creative minds to make a conscious choice.

All music at Tribe of Noise if uploaded under a CC by –share alike license. And by mentioning it’s a different option, all those who never seem to care are suddenly stirred. Bands who stuffed their websites with music are starting to smell the coffee when confronted with a choice. When you have more choices, the messages becomes more complicated.

Lazy as we are, I sometimes wonder if we really want to have choices. Choices equals problems. I had dinner in a great restaurant recently. Minimum choice on the menu and because of the limited supplies needed, the food was of the highest quality ingredients at a more then reasonable price. You get in this sit-back-and-surprise-me-mood. And you’ll never feel you made the wrong choice, cross eying at the plate across the table. If you don’t like what’s on your plate you can blame the Chef!

So choice = responsibility = problem

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