Wednesday, June 11

History of Tribe

Once upon a time there was this girl who loved her prince, her beautiful hometown Amsterdam and travelling the African continent. During one of their travels, she and her prince captured images of their safari with a magical machine. To compliment their images they looked for some (free&legal) passionate safari music they could download and edit.

They searched WorldWide and came up with nothing! It was either cartoonish stocked up music or they had to pay.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a musical safe haven. Where the music is free to share without too much legal hassle. Where creative minds can compliment each other. where new audiences will be able to find you and where musicians can be introduced to potential career movers”, the girl whispered to her prince.

The prince was moved by this lovely idea and suggested it to his bard. The bard’s reaction was; “What’s in it for me? I have to feed my wife and twelve children!”

“Well”, the prince explained economically, “the music world is changing, the sales of magical silver disks are decreasing. You need specific assignments, performances and merchandise to be able to buy your wife a goose to cook for Christmas. If we create a domain with a good music search elves so people can find the music they like, a domain where you can meet new fans, a domain where I will invite the people with golden coins to interact with you, you might have a chance. And all you have to do is exhibit a couple of songs that represent you for free. I’m convinced you’ll have a better chance to succeed and make your dreams come true.”

“You’ll just have to be brave, the first steps to honour and fame are always the most difficult", the prince said. “Of course I can’t promises you fortune but I can offer you a better chance to fortune. And even if you’ll not become famous around the globe. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gift if loads of people will crown you with laurels.”

“Hmm, just one or two songs then,” the bard replied.“One or two songs is all we’re asking,” the prince replied. “We’ll do the rest!”

So the prince and the girl went out into the world and found themselves a techno Samurai in Japan, a magic realistic artist in Philly, golden ears in Doetinchem, 2 legal masters and their apprentices in Haarlem and a wise man from the wild Wild West. Together they shaped their domain and they called the inhabitants: the Tribe of Noise. ...

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