Saturday, October 11

Getting attention

If everyone can start a website, write a blog and upload music, HOW DO I GET ATTENTION!? The answer is simple, TEAM UP and make some NOISE!

What happened last month when all you where making music out there?

Tribe of Noise is spreading the word about you guys!
We showcase your music at important venues like the PICNIC festival in Amsterdam. We entered the BT Digital Music Awards and are nominated in the category 'Best Official Music Site Top 100' together with Coldplay, Keane, Annie Lennox and Natasha Bedingfield. We congratulate Coldplay with winning the award!

Sharing music with Tribe members around the world is a positive story that everyone wants to hear. Well respected journalists are writing great articles about the Tribe and you.

In the meantime we are meeting more and more enthusiastic people around the globe who can PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC. Together we open doors and find new ways to share & distribute your music. And we don't stick to the old fashioned CD. We are teaming up with smart people who can get your music on mobile phones, enable people to chat about your music on TV and embed your music in online videos and games.

Sharing music, getting attention, TOGETHER we make it happen!

To make more Noise we will organize a worldwide contest and get you, your friends, family, colleagues, companies and everyone else out there involved.

So stay tuned, join the Tribe and spread the word. Later this month we'll tell you how you can get worldwide attention, win great prices and in the process meet great people interested in YOU and YOUR MUSIC.

Let's make some NOISE!

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