Tuesday, January 19

MIDEM 2010

Yes, I have to admit I am still Midem green. This will be my first year attending one of the largest music industry conferences in the world.

The good news is, we received many emails over the last few weeks inviting us. We hope to grow the success of the Tribe by connecting with some very exciting (new media) industry names.

Tribe members can help me during my trip to Cannes. Keep an eye on the MIDEM 2010 Tweeple list I made. If you think I should meet with one of the other attendees because you know them or think they can contribute to your success (and the Tribe), let me know.

If you want to help promoting the Tribe, share this video!

Thursday, November 19

Promote Gigs the Cool & Easy Way

If it comes down to promoting gigs many venue managers and musicians rely on the power of word of mouth and leaflets. They would love to get a piece of the action online but where to start and what to do? How to tell more people to grab their coats and visit your gig?

TheGigMap is a FREE service for musicians and music venues to communicate their upcoming Gigs. Superstar or unknown local band, world famous concert hall or pub around the corner, performing yourself or helping out a friend. TheGigMap is YOURS!

The cool part: If you add your gigs, we will feature them online, on mobile phones, as a location based mobile service, a Vodafone 360 widget, even in a very cool augmented reality and award winning application called Layar.

The easy part: We offer you a non-geek 'add gig' form, check out www.TheGigMap.com and if you want to add many gigs in one batch, download this file and follow the instructions.

Happy gigging!
Want to become one of our 'TheGigMap-ambassadors' in your home town? Make sure we notice you. Send us pictures, blogs, tweets or other proof of your ambassador-skills.

Friday, October 9

Alternatief Buma Stemra voor bloggend Nederland

(article in Dutch)

Beste bloggende muziekliefhebbers,

De afgelopen week ontvingen wij telefoontjes, tweets en e-mails van jullie over het voornemen van Buma Stemra om vergoedingen te vragen voor muziek op jullie blogs en websites. Later deze dag (vrijdag 9 oktober 2009) is overigens een deel daarvan – blogs voor niet-bedrijfsmatig gebruik – door Buma Stemra zelf geschrapt van het lijstje.

Om meer onduidelijkheid te voorkomen wil ik voor ALLE blogs (commercieel of niet) de hamvraag dan ook maar direct beantwoorden:

JA, de muziek op Tribe of Noise valt BUITEN de Buma Stemra regelingen / voorstellen!

De muzikanten/componisten op Tribe of Noise zijn niet aangesloten bij Buma Stemra en kiezen ervoor om een deel van hun repertoire onder een Creative Commons licentie met jullie te delen. Als je deze muziek op je blog draait en de artiest daarmee promoot is er dus niets aan de hand.

Onze Tribe members vragen in plaats van een financiƫle vergoeding:
  • Naamsvermelding; plaats en draai onze muziek op je blog zoveel als je wil maar vermeld altijd de naam van de Tribe member (en als je wil een link naar zijn/haar Tribe pagina)

Wil je onze muziek gebruiken in bijvoorbeeld je eigen videoclip of presentatie?

Geheel vrijblijvend.. Veel Tribe muzikanten hebben op hun pagina ook een digitale fooienpot. Wil je meer doen voor een specifieke muzikant dan alleen promotie.. gooi er eens wat in, ik weet zeker dat ze dat waarderen.

Met vriendelijke groet - Hessel

Let's make some Noise!

Tuesday, September 22


Eindhoven – Sep 22, 2009 - Over the past weeks, almost 200 compositions were uploaded by Tribe of Noise members participating in Kalydo's Music in Game Competition 2009. We are thrilled to announce not one but TWO winners:

  1. 'In Game' Music: Forest scene by VinceTheWebb! Vince, congratulations!
    The jury believes this is a “very original approach on how to create game music: Forest Scene matches the style and setting of Konstrukt Invasion best and the different styles of music are smoothly merged together, led by a futuristic, suitable dose of rhythm.”

  2. Menu Music: Main Theme from NightShader. Well done, Pascal!
    “A very epic track which one can't listen to without being affected by its imposing gleam” are the praising words of the jury.

The jury was very impressed by the musical quality and creativity in the compositions and would like to congratulate the next three runners up:

  • Kalydo Classical, RubXProject: “The main theme is very catchy and gamey, would be ideal for a real time strategy game.”

  • Kaleidascope, TrennaJean: “A very nicely tensioned sound scape. Inventive rhythm section, deep instrumentals.”

  • Kalydo –Vincula, Kampmaniak: “Could very well be a track for the closing credits. Modest drama, covered by 'computer-ish' layers of percussion and sounds.”

Early next week, Konstrukt Invasion WITH the music of VinceTheWebb and NightShader will be available to many gamers around the world! Check Kalydo's website


Friday, September 18

Virtual DJs play your music on TV

Amsterdam, September 19, 2009

Last week iTunes announced the comeback of the LP in digital format. Old songs get their second life in video games like Guitar Hero. And mobile apps like TheGigMap give you instant access to live gigs around the corner. Innovation in music is all around us; via digital and multimedia channels they tap into new markets.

One of the latest music initiatives is the ‘Twinners Music on TV' pilot.

Music on TV? Isn't MTV claiming this space since the early eighties? You are absolutely right. However, the Twinners initiative is a new interactive TV format powered by SBS, the second largest broadcaster in Europe.

Instead of a remote control your cell phone interacts with a virtual you (so called avatar) on TV. During the live TV shows you can chat, dance, visit cool places and listen to indie music played by virtual DJs.

The music played on TV is created by a worldwide group of independent musicians from the online music community Tribe of Noise. For them it is an additional opportunity to generate exposure: Two hundred million people are watching SBS worldwide. Although the TV pilot just started in Denmark on Channel 4 and 5 this week, more countries are expected to be added in the near future reaching a crowd of millions of people. An audience only signed artists like Madonna and U2 used to reach.

“Together with our Tribe members and business partners we focus on generating exposure and developing new revenue models for musicians“, says Hessel van Oorschot, co-founder of Tribe of Noise. “This pilot is a great opportunity for them and leading media enterprises to develop a future business model we all believe in.”

“According to music industry gurus the golden decades of the traditional music industry are over. So let's focus on the opportunities ahead of us and empower independent musicians with all the innovative tools they need. Virtual DJs playing their music on TV is one of them.”

Independent musicians can visit http://twinners.tribeofnoise.com

Tuesday, September 15

Five Powerful Tribe Tools

As you know our Tribe is all about connecting and sharing. We like to facilitate all the tools to collaborate with musicians worldwide, generate business contacts, valuable exposure and new revenue models.

My Top 5 Powerful Tribe Tools for you

1. MUSIC & BRANDS (new)

Did you upload a song that should be in the new Audi commercial, Sex and The City TV series, Gran Turismo videogame, Motorola ringtone or Hugo's next fashion show? Add BRAND TAGS to your music files!

By adding BRAND TAGS to your song your music will be indexed by our servers and easier to find by marketers and brand managers in need for specific brand related music.

How to tag a song already uploaded?
Login, go to main menu MUSIC, sub menu MY MUSIC GALLERY and click 'edit' next to your song. Scroll down to MUSIC & BRANDS, add your BRAND TAGS and don't forget to save your update.

Are you a performing artist? TheGigMap is the tool for you AND for all the venues and professionals you work with!

With one easy online form to fill out your gig will automatically generate a digital marker on Google Maps, tweet your gig to all your followers and send the information to TheGigMap.com and a mobile app (for all you geeks: yes! iPhone and Android compatible) Friends, fans and venues can share your gig on ALL social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) and via email of course ;-)

You have created a great song, but you know it can be better.. Upload your song and ask our GOLDEN EARS Pro Team supervised by Tycho Schipper to give you the necessary feedback or master engineer the music file. It's about you, your song, your sound ONLY WAY BETTER! Check out Golden Ears

For all of you participating in Kalydo's Music in Game Contest: Kalydo's Audio Team will announce the winner soon!

Braking News - This week Tribe of Noise will send out a press release announcing the Twinners Music TV pilot 2009. If you want to participate - your music in a TV pilot - go to Twinners Music TV pilot NOW!

Use the Tribe Invite Center to send invites to other musicians you like to connect with, venues you play, marketers and brand managers you think should listen to your songs. In short, invite all the people you like to work with in the future! Ask them to connect with you on Tribe of Noise. Please use this tool wisely and avoid SPAM.

I hope you like my top 5 list of Powerful Tribe Tools and if you have a great idea for a new Tribe Tool... please let us know!

Chief of Noise

Let's make some Noise!

A Free Service To Communicate Your Upcoming Gigs

In the meantime Tweet Me!

Sunday, August 23

Tribe Gigs Live

It's LIVE!
Check it out NOW!
Also available on your iPhone, Smartphone and Blackberry!

Amazing, huh? Oops.. sorry, forgot to mention our new app: TheGigMap ! Our FREE service for musicians and music venues to communicate their upcoming Gigs. Superstar or unknown local band, world famous concert hall or pub around the corner, performing yourself or helping out a friend. TheGigMap is YOURS!

If you have a gig people should know about: add it to TheGigMap!



The more people who know about your live gig, the bet ter! Right?! Well, only if these people actually turn up and pay of course. Use this free service to maximize your exposure! It's quick, it's easy and it's for free!

TheGigMap is a mashup of Google Maps, Twitter and the Tribe community giving people all the need-to-know information to call their friends, grab their coats and get moving.

Not a geek? Not a rocket scientist?
So? To add a gig you click 'add gig' and fill in the form as d etailed as possible. That's it!

Feed Me!
Add as many gigs as you want. Tell venues, promoters, managers, friends and family to use TheGigMap too. Promote your gigs and the Tribe.
On www.thegigmap.com you find a 'share' button with services like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or Email to spread the word.

Of course! We will launch more cool features to get the press talking about gigs, the Tribe and you! Your suggestions are welcome.

We wish you many gigs and packed venues!