Thursday, August 28

Game Industry Endorsements

The game industry is starting to discover our Tribe of Noise initiative.

Some feedback:

Game Entertainment Europe (
"Very nice initiative! It is a great idea to create a Creative Commons 3.0 community which actually connects to all social network communities like MySpace and Facebook. For our games I will scout the footage and I hope to get one of the artist in our game titles. Good luck with it and let it be the biggest of it's kind on the internet."

GameWise Serious Games
Tribe of Noise is a very appealing internet concept with high potential. An innovative way of music distribution. Game developers like us are always in need of new and exciting music and audio. Now we can stimulate musicians all over the world to make themselves heard. Together we create a new music platform. May the Tribe of Noise rise!

Paladin Studios (
Independent noise is beautiful noise. With this initiative, opportunities arise for creatives to connect with independent studios and share their work. This concept has the potential to enrich creative projects all over the world. Already I have heard some excellent music, so Paladin will definitely scout for artists at Tribe of Noise.

Codeglue (
Creative games need creative music and I think Tribe of Noise is the perfect social network tool to find such music and scout talented new music composers. I've already spotted some really talented people within the Tribe and I think together with them we can create some new original videogames.

Butterfly Works (
Tribe of Noise is a great initiative. Butterfly Works hopes there will be music available from all over the world. It would give us the chance to give the local e-content from e.g. Nigeria, South Africa or Indonesia a boost by adding music. 

Wednesday, August 20

Sprout Challenge 2008

Together with a lot of great new (internet) startups Tribe of Noise is participating in the Sprout Challenger 2008 competition. Our first goal is getting in the top 10.

Getting in the top 10 means lots of exposure for our community and Tribe members.

The organisation asks every participant to pick up a challenge. Our challenge is to be a better alternative for musicians, fans and professionals than MySpace Music!

You can HELP getting us into the finals: VOTE!