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Virtual DJs play your music on TV

Amsterdam, September 19, 2009

Last week iTunes announced the comeback of the LP in digital format. Old songs get their second life in video games like Guitar Hero. And mobile apps like TheGigMap give you instant access to live gigs around the corner. Innovation in music is all around us; via digital and multimedia channels they tap into new markets.

One of the latest music initiatives is the ‘Twinners Music on TV' pilot.

Music on TV? Isn't MTV claiming this space since the early eighties? You are absolutely right. However, the Twinners initiative is a new interactive TV format powered by SBS, the second largest broadcaster in Europe.

Instead of a remote control your cell phone interacts with a virtual you (so called avatar) on TV. During the live TV shows you can chat, dance, visit cool places and listen to indie music played by virtual DJs.

The music played on TV is created by a worldwide group of independent musicians from the online music community Tribe of Noise. For them it is an additional opportunity to generate exposure: Two hundred million people are watching SBS worldwide. Although the TV pilot just started in Denmark on Channel 4 and 5 this week, more countries are expected to be added in the near future reaching a crowd of millions of people. An audience only signed artists like Madonna and U2 used to reach.

“Together with our Tribe members and business partners we focus on generating exposure and developing new revenue models for musicians“, says Hessel van Oorschot, co-founder of Tribe of Noise. “This pilot is a great opportunity for them and leading media enterprises to develop a future business model we all believe in.”

“According to music industry gurus the golden decades of the traditional music industry are over. So let's focus on the opportunities ahead of us and empower independent musicians with all the innovative tools they need. Virtual DJs playing their music on TV is one of them.”

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